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The most exceptional real estate in the Netherlands not infrequently requires very discreet market approaches. Our experience with 'Private Sale' has made us the experts in this field in the Netherlands. Netherlands Sotheby's International Realty has developed an exclusive market approach that meets this need. The age-old principles that Sotheby's uses in the auctioning of art and antiques, we have translated into a 'Private Sale' concept. Your privacy and the successful sale of your home go hand in hand. The Internet is of course the perfect medium for your home at once to bring to the attention of millions of potential buyers. Silent sale or maximum exposure, anything is possible! In certain situations, a silent sale of your home or object may be a better option. We can advise you on this. With our smart and effective method for silent sales, we will find the right buyer for you, without making the sale public.

In a silent sale, your property will not be advertised through off- and online ads, and will not be published -or non-recognized- on housing websites. Also, no sale sign will be placed at your property. Your property will only be brought to the attention of a select group of potential buyers by our broker, a group who are not generally known to be looking for a new home. Sometimes properties are so extraordinary that you prefer not to advertise the sale. Then a silent sale is a good option. Only serious potential buyers will be contacted. Do you want to sell your house, but are not in a hurry to do so? Even then a silent auction is sometimes recommended. You retain your privacy as long as you are still using or living in your home.

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When a house or property is not advertised in any way, the reach is naturally also smaller. Netherlands Sotheby's International Realty has developed its own method by which your property is presented online anonymously, but still in an attractive way. We do this with a good description, beautiful images, giving an impression of the object without being recognizable and without giving away the location. This way the interest of relevant interested parties is still aroused and they get a good idea of what to expect. Only those potential buyers who are seriously interested will be informed about your property. This happens of course only after consultation with you. Thanks to our international network and our expertise in the field of luxury homes, your chances of finding the right candidate through silent sales are high.

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Would you like more information about selling your home with Netherlands Sotheby's International Realty through silent auction? Please leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Of course you can also contact us personally by phone +31 (0)88 37 47 000 or our office in Amsterdam: +31 (0)20 20 80 020, we are happy to inform you!

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